With his label Subejct To Restrctions Discs, Dominik André establishes a platform for artists and DJs to become internationally visible. The label pursues an analogue sound, which ranges from ACID, Techno, Tribal to Industrial with Italo influences. The releases have an analogue character, which gives them the commonality of a mechanical warmth. Subject To Restrictions is also a management and booking agency.
Cclinic (Bern) | L.D.R. (Zurich) | Neu Verboten (Berlin) | Phrex / 486SX (Bern) | CCO (Zurich) | Narco Marco / Citystrolch (Bern) | Nicolai Toma (Berlin) | Prioleau (Zurich) | Hesychia369 (Zurich) | Angelo Repetto (Zurich) | Ethimm (Zurich) | Adrian Bergmann / A-Alpha (Bern) | Jamira Estrada (Zurich) | NVST (Geneva) | Kombé (Basel) | Slow Glass (Zurich) | Rafael Kasma (Bern) | Amygdala (Zurich) | vesto comodo (Stockholm) | Gratts / Sentient Beings (Berlin)